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Frank MacHovec is a retired clinical psychologist who worked 30 years in mental health clinics and hospitals and in private practice.  In addition to BA, MA, and PhD degrees, he earned two post-PhD diplomates and was a certified forensics examiner who testified as expert witness in civil and criminal cases.

A prolific writer, he has authored 42 books and numerous magazine and journal articles.
He has spoken at state, national, and international conferences, was cited in Newsweek, USA Today, and Psychology Today, and has been interviewed on local and national TV and National Public Radio.
Training programs he created are the subjects of several of his books. He teaches at Lake Sumter Community College in Leesburg, Florida.  

Dr. MacHovec is available for presentations on a variety of topics and is also very knowledgeable in regards to how franchises work (he has been involved in home cleaning franchises for over 15 years)

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